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Just 22% Of Consumers Trust ‘Native’ Ads, Study Finds

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Engagement with “native” advertising — more commonly called sponsored content — varies by age, according to a new study from Outbrain.

While 28% of respondents report having clicked on native ads in the last six months, only 22% trust what they read.

That’s still better than Facebook, which has a 17% trust level.

That lack of trust isn’t caused by failure to understand the content: 57% grasp the content in native ads, vs. 52% for Facebook.

Not that mistrust is limited to native ads.

To Read Full Article, click here: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/339091/just-22-of-consumers-trust-native-ads-study-f.html?edition=114886

Businesses and Search Directories

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Here are some helpful tips for new or existing businesses seeking listing advice on search directories. When it comes to listing your business to multiple search directories, a useful tip that not many people know about is that you can change them manually which is free. Usually, in each directory, there is a link or button that allows you to claim the listing. While there, you can edit the information to match your business perfectly.

Although automatic listings services are available, some companies do not let you keep the updates they provide once you stop using their services on a monthly basis. Even then, automatic listing services do not always cover every single directory which you would still have to edit yourself. The advantage of hiring a marketing agency instead allows you to control your budget while keeping the updates the agency has done for your business. Remember, the improper information listed about your company on search directories could greatly affect the number of visits.

HTTP vs. HTTPS: Which is Better?

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Unless you are tech savvy and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest digital trends, the average user would probably not understand what HTTP or HTTPS even means. In simple terms, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is the most common way to connect and access websites. On the other hand, HTTPS is another iteration of HTTP but adds a layer of security to handle confidential material. Another protocol that can be used with HTTPS is the secure socket layer (SSL) which checks to make sure that the information from one party sent to another is consistent without any tampering.

HTTPS is used for e-commerce businesses or banks who require online payments via credit card since the added layer of security and encryption make it a safer choice than HTTP. Now that you know which one is better to use, how does HTTPS contribute towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? When it comes to Google search, Google tends to put preference towards safer websites which HTTPS fulfills. Ultimately, this leads to slightly increased rankings for websites that use HTTPS but what mostly changes the ranking is still website content.

Extend Reach Through Instagram Hashtags

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A majority of businesses today are shifting towards social media to attract new potential customers. Ever wonder why you are not receiving the desired likes or followers you deserve? Hashtags on Instagram posts are one of the easiest ways to engage with customers and ensure brand loyalty.

By using hashtags, it allows you to be discoverable by anyone using the app while extending your potential reach. Another advantage is that it allows you to link events and promotions specifically through your business name.

Now that you understand all the benefits of hashtagging in Instagram, the next step is to see what types of Instagram Hashtags are out there. Usually successful Instagram pages use hashtags that are simple yet explain what the post is all about. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to use common keywords such as “food” for example because they are easier to find.

Just remember, hashtags only benefit your business rather than hurt it as long as it has context with your page and posts. Lastly, hashtagging is not only limited to Instagram but is also on other social media platforms as well such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. What are you waiting for, start incorporating hashtags into your Instagram page now and gain the exposure you need!

Adapting Your Business Marketing Tactics for Facebook’s Algorithm Change

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Facebook has been making companies that rely on Facebook Organic Reach to go crazy so far in 2018! In late 2017, Facebook tested a new algorithm change that had oversea businesses in shock. In pre-selected international markets, the algorithm change began to promote posts from actual people – instead of businesses. Marketers were stunned and left wondering how they could possibly reach their audience again on their most lucrative platforms out there. Remember, the fastest growing segment on Facebook is people over 40 years of age who are very business friendly.

In the U.S., the change became permanent in January – the “people over pages” algorithm update was released to everyone. And the effect was immediate.  Businesses were hit hard and their organic reach went from 6 digits to less than a few hundred!

If you read the news and listen to the experts, there have been plenty of research that supports this change. But what really matters RIGHT THIS MINUTE is: How can you reach your Facebook audience again after this update? No doubt, it is going to be a challenge that we all have to adapt towards. In order to do so, businesses need to create more quality content that engages conversation amongst users while being involved with Facebook groups. Here are a few ways my business is adapting to the new algorithm. RG Pacific creates new and attractive content on business pages that link to the company’s website while ensuring that users have a chance to comment and convey their ideas in the post.

The Importance of Web Development for your Business

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The Internet has begun to transform the way that not only individuals communicate, but has enhanced the relationship between businesses and consumers. The movement of business onto the online platform has brought an increase in awareness resulting in more profit. Businesses are now changing their marketing strategies and investing in online development in order to maximize their profit. However many companies are still skeptical of moving their business online. The reality is that if companies want their business to grow, their online presence is crucial. But having just any website is not enough, it is important to understand that your website needs to be good enough to attract consumers. Below you will find an overview of why web development can be so valuable to your business.

  1. Enhance your Visibility: With an online presence it is easier for customers to find your products or services. This would create higher traffic to your business.
  2. Communication: A website allows a simpler form of interaction between customers and your business.
  3. Instant Connection: You can instantly reach customers not only in you area but also across the globe.
  4. Effective Marketing Strategy: Having a website would allow you to create a web presence that can attract a new market.
  5. More opportunities: Your business would open doors for partnerships or new business partners with its online presence.

To learn more about how RG Pacific can help with your web development click here.

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E-Commerce Sales are Increasing by more than 17% this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is approaching and with the months of November and December having the most demand in consumer shopping its time to prepare your business. According to eMarketer, digital sales are expected to be 10.7% of the total retail that represents $94.71 billion this year. With the increase in demand of online shopping, businesses are not only expected to stock up their shelves but to have their websites and mobiles sites prepared. That is because US e-commerce sales are growing by 17.2% this holiday season. Mobile retail is another important factor of holiday sales accounting for $115.92 billion of sales this year. By the year 2020 it is expected for mobile retail to be nearly half of all e-commerce sales. This year $67.23 billion represent mobile commerce on smartphones. With research demonstrating the increase in demand of e-commerce and mobile commerce, businesses are expected to have the most innovative technology for their consumers. This includes, websites and mobile applications that make it simpler for consumers to do their shopping. RG Pacific can help your business develop the website you need for this upcoming holiday season. Be a part of the innovative businesses that contributes to the billion-dollar sales of e-commerce.

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Facebook Announces New Measurement Tools for Marketers

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Facebook is introducing new methods of ‘people based measurement’ that will help marketers see how effective cross-channel campaigns are, related to online and offline return on investment. On September 21st the social media channel announced that it would be partnering with the companies: Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud, Neustar MarketShare and Visual IQ. This collaboration between Facebook and third parties would allow brands to have more accurate results. For example with Nielsen Catalina, brands will be able to learn how a campaign affected the offline purchases by connecting purchasing data from ads on Facebook and Instagram. The partnerships with Oracle Data Cloud would allow Datalogix to reach Facebook’s Lift API and examine how likely people are to purchase products if they have or have not seen an ad. The programs of Visual IQ and Neustar would allow brands to measure the ad impressions on consumers. The changes that Facebook is creating are allowing social media to become more brand friendly by creating new techniques to reach consumers and measuring these methods. This demonstrates how social media is becoming a greater influence between brands and consumers.


To access and read the full article from AdWeek click here.

Snap Audience Match, Snapchat’s New Ad Targeting

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Snapchat has become one of the most popular channels to share photos and videos. However, compared to other social media sites, Snapchat had missed the in-app behavioral targeting for marketers. With the introduction of Snap Audience Match, Snapchat will now allow brands to take their email lists and files of mobiles devices IDs in order to anonymously sync data from Snap chats user pool. Marketers will also be able to target viewers based on the content categories that they follow. This new strategy will also allow brands to target interstitial ads. For example if a viewer were watching a recipe channel, then a food brand like Nestlé would be able to advertise in between videos. Another method that marketers can use are the Snapchat Geofilters or sponsored lenses. In this case if an individual uses one of these sponsored filters then the brand would be able to retarget him.

To read the full article from AdWeek click here.

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The Importance of Mobile Apps for Your Business

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The internet is one of the easiest places to find stores, gifts, music, information and so much more. As a business owner and marketing manager, you want to find your target audience and consumers and get them to complete an action; such as, filing out a form or buying a product/service. In a recent article from Business Insider, it was mentioned that smartphone mobile apps now account for 50% of digital media interactions by consumers. This means that half of the consumers that go online do it through mobile applications instead of desktop browsers. This mobile app trend is due to the fact that in the US about 70% of the population owns a smartphone or tablet. Many consumers today are upgrading their devices to have access to faster networks such as 4G LTE. Additionally, smartphone manufacturers are increasing the screen size for many of their current smartphones. A device with a larger screen makes online content more visible and products can include more details. Thus, it allows consumers to engage more and makes it easier to complete your call to action.

Consumers are already online, why not make it easier for them to buy than with a mobile app? If your business wants to develop a mobile app reach more consumers, then RG Pacific can help your business reach that goal.

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To access the full article from Business Insider Click Here.

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