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The Importance of Mobile Apps for Your Business

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The internet is one of the easiest places to find stores, gifts, music, information and so much more. As a business owner and marketing manager, you want to find your target audience and consumers and get them to complete an action; such as, filing out a form or buying a product/service. In a recent article from Business Insider, it was mentioned that smartphone mobile apps now account for 50% of digital media interactions by consumers. This means that half of the consumers that go online do it through mobile applications instead of desktop browsers. This mobile app trend is due to the fact that in the US about 70% of the population owns a smartphone or tablet. Many consumers today are upgrading their devices to have access to faster networks such as 4G LTE. Additionally, smartphone manufacturers are increasing the screen size for many of their current smartphones. A device with a larger screen makes online content more visible and products can include more details. Thus, it allows consumers to engage more and makes it easier to complete your call to action.

Consumers are already online, why not make it easier for them to buy than with a mobile app? If your business wants to develop a mobile app reach more consumers, then RG Pacific can help your business reach that goal.

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To access the full article from Business Insider Click Here.

Finding the Best Social Media Channel For Your Industry

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Finding the right social media platform for your business is crucial. While certain industries may strive on Instagram others may do poorly. That is because each social media platform has its niche industry in which it serves the strongest to. This can be due to many reasons, maybe the album sharing, creation of events or videos. Certain industries need specific attributes of the social media platform for the industry. One of the reasons why using a specific social media site is important is because of the influencers from your industry that can be found. Influencers are a significant factor because of how they affect the consumer market. More recently, consumers have begun to trust social media influencers because they act as a tastemaker and friend. Influencers have become more trusted than celebrities because they connect personally with their audience and are everyday people like them. In one of AdWeek’s recent articles they shared an infographic that displays where industries ‘shine the brightest.’ Some of the information that can be found is how Instagram is the strongest channel for fashion and travel influencers. While parenting influencers are best found on Twitter and the best channel for the food industry is Facebook. Finding influencers on these social media channels can be a successful tool in reaching your audience. Check out the infographic here to see what social media platforms are best for your industry. Additionally you can allow RG Pacific to manage your social media accounts and help you find the best way to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

Your Guide To Using Snapchat For Marketing

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As video marketing content becomes increasing successful at bringing in customers, Snapchat is taking the lead when it comes to promoting your business’ services on social media. Snapchat has gone from being a simple photo and video sharing app to a marketing tool that can’t be ignored. The app has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2011; self-destructing photos and video are no longer just for smartphone-savvy teens – they’re for marketers who want a creative way to reach their target audience.

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Instagram is Changing the Way Businesses Advertise on Social Media

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RG Pacific has actively proven that Social Media Marketing (SMM) can elevate a company’s customer base and increase sales in a dramatic way. SMM implements social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to successfully brand and market a business among today’s largest communities. Through years of successful experience and training, our web and marketing team at RG Pacific has mastered the algorithms behind top and upcoming social media platforms to help our clients create an impactful social media marketing plan. We like to live on the cutting edge of marketing innovation so our customers’ businesses stay ahead.

Until recently, marketing boutiques such as RG Pacific had little control over the reachable demographic on the image based social media platform: Instagram. On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook had optimized features, such as paid in-app advertising, feedback on activity, and interactive platforms. Instagram was a relatively elusive platform for the purpose of SMM.

According to a Pew Research Center report, 72% of online American adults use Facebook. So, when Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 they also acquired the data from Instagram’s younger demographic. Since its acquisition of Instagram, Facebook has already begun making changes within Instagram that allow the RG Pacific’s marketing team to use Instagram in innovative ways to bring more customers to our clients. We are able to gain more insight into our target demographics’ preferences through the use of Facebook and Instagram’s detailed demographic data. Additionally, Facebook has incorporated their algorithms into Instagram news feed, which allows relevant and personalized content to be featured on a user’s Instagram homepage, placing our advertisements in the hands of potential customers.

Our team of experts recognize the immense value Instagram presents to our clients when it comes to accessing potential buyers and brand followers. Instagram now has 500 million users, and 300 million of them actively use the app every single day. Collectively, Instagram users are tapping the “like” button on Instagram 4.2 billion times per day, placing Facebook’s latest project on the forefront of user interaction. Our team at RG Pacific has years of working with Facebook algorithms which are now being implemented within Instagram. By combining this knowledge with our creative content development, we have finally gained control over how our clients are represented on Instagram.

With a highly comprehensive grasp on the back-end functions of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, RG Pacific has completed the SMM trifecta and we are excited to bring this knowledge to our clients. RG Pacific uses our client’s accounts to create content that reflects the culture of the consumer using the data provided on Analytics reports, social media insights, and e-commerce data. Our creative team works closely with the companies we represent to increase their online presence and generate leads to their products and services. We customize our SMM services to develop inspired marketing campaigns and engaging content to increase followers. In addition to these services, our team creates reports on conversions, clicks, and levels of engagement to help our clients keep track of the progress they are making on the online community. Give us a call at (888) 568-2555 to learn more about how the team at RG Pacific can help your company get into the hands of thousands of potential new customers.

Resell to Your Customers in Their Pockets- Mobile App E-Commerce is Here

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Mobile has now become a household name. In just a few years, having a mobile website has gone from a novelty to a must have. Nearly 80% of new websites are now built on a “responsive” platform, meaning that the site can respond to any screen size, most importantly mobile devices.

Online Stores have known the importance of mobile for a while. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Best Buy have re-aligned their marketing strategies that are heavily based on mobile with the creation of mobile apps for devices. Amazon created the “one click” checkout option that made buying on mobile phones easy; some even prefer it over the regular desktop website. Best Buy began offering deals solely available on their mobile applications, giving users an incentive to carry Best Buy in their smartphones. As these E-Commerce giants paved the way, small businesses online only hoped that one day such an option would be available for their own stores. That time is now.

Mobile Application development has never been easier and more affordable. With the growth of the Android Platform and popularity of Apple iOS, both platforms have adapted more web friendly application code, which has allowed web developers to also code for mobile. Since 2006, mobile app development costs have dropped nearly 40% due to the growth and rapid popularity of Mobile.

But, as many online stores looking to develop an app ask- do you really need it? Aren’t you doing enough by simply having a mobile responsive website? The answer is a confident NO. And here is why.


1. A Mobile App is always on

Think about it. Google Maps. Facebook. Foursquare. All these apps are usually always on when you are using your phone. Google Maps tracks you via GPS. Facebook sends you messages and alerts you as they come in. For your online store, you have un-interrupted access to your customers when you need to give them alerts. Have a special sale coming up? Send them a notification! Is their order ready to ship? Send them their tracking order directly. Being always available to your customers with their smart phones is more effective than Email, Social Media, and Website Messages COMBINED.

2. Your store is always OPEN

Imagine the ease of your customers when, instead of walking over to their laptop and coming across your email (remember that only 5-10% of emails get read on average), they simply open your store application and see what is new. This is the instant access that will seperate you from your competition. The mobile application does not have to be a MOBILE STORE, it can simply be a gateway to your current mobile site. The advantage is  in the perks of an online app- location tracking, easy login, more personal preferences, and ease of communication.

Again, you do not need to develop a whole new shopping experience- unless you want to. Both linking to your online store or creating a shopping experience work. The latter takes advantage more of the advantages of an online mobile app shopping experience- better images, easier checkout,  custom shopping process experience, and more importantly, instant tracking data when, where, and how users buy your products in real time.

The time to get mobile is now. So get in your customers pockets!

Your Facebook Social Media Presence

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With over 700 million active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform. People have been using the platform for years to connect and network with others. However, Facebook can also allow businesses to utilize the networking opportunities. You can grow your business and connect with more people through Facebook and here are the reasons why:

By creating a Facebook business page, you are able to connect with customers like never before. People that like your page are interested in your business so by creating a page you are allowing for interested customers to directly communicate with you and build relationships with your business.

One of the most important things regarding putting your business on Facebook is the fact that you are allowing for your business to grow a loyal fan base. With so many users online, businesses can put out relevant and useful content on their pages and in turn, interested customers will catch on and become fans of the company.

Getting on Facebook will also help you in regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By creating a page with continuous content, you will increase your rankings on Google. Everything you post will be indexed by search engines so next time your website or business will show up earlier on Google.

You are also able to exponentially expand your company by getting on Facebook. Every time someone likes your page or a post you wrote, it pops up on all of their friends’ news feeds. This serves as an easy and free form of advertisement that can grow to hundreds or thousands of people throughout the internet. Having a Facebook page also allows for users to quickly share your business with their friends and ultimately expand your customer base as well.

You also need to beat the competition! If your competing businesses are on Facebook, they currently have an advantage over you. To make sure you can best compete with other businesses, it is important to take advantage of all possible platforms that can serve to be beneficial to your business. Joining Facebook is one of these platforms.

However, one key factor to keep in mind is that you don’t want to forget about your page and stop posting content. This will only hurt your business. You need to make sure to continuously create posts, while making sure not to spam people. This is where RG Pacific can help. how to get quality backlinks RG Pacific manages social media accounts and we will make sure to properly engage audiences to maximize potential gains. For a quote on social media marketing you can click here.

Taking Your Store Online: Why an Online Store Can Boost Your Sales

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Having an online store can be an extreme advantage to ones business. Whether it be a stand lone or a supplement to a current business, getting your store online can bring your more sales than ever. Lets delve into this:

First of all, your online store doesn’t have store hours, which means unlike a conventional store, a customer can always access your inventory and make a purchase. Your online store is open 24/7 and sales can be made at any time. In addition to providing more opportunity for customers to make purchases, you are also expanding your potential customer base. You are not just a single physical location anymore. Your online store can be accessed from people across the nation and across the world. Not to mention that an online store is extremely flexible. You can immediately update inventory information, sale prices, or even create daily deals. This type of flexibility allows you to provide a change of information that customers can’t see in a conventional store. So, more opportunity, more customers, and more flexibility equals more sales.

Now, keep in mind that you are also dramatically increasing your visibility by putting your store online. With search engine optimization, online promotion and advertisements, customers will search for your online business and making sure they find you is part of the equation involved in making online sales. Additionally, you are also able to conduct direct marketing for your online store as well. And as opposed to conventional methods, you can closely monitor and manage the results you get for a very detailed marketing plan.

We have yet to mention perhaps the most important reason for having an online store. It is the technology age! People use their mobile phones and tablets everyday to browse inventory and purchase products. There is an entire generation of people that practically live online, and if your store doesn’t exist on the web, then to them it doesn’t exist. If you don’t provide your customers an online shopping experience, you are missing out on a huge market of potential sales. Don’t make this mistake!

For help creating an online shop for your store, contact RG Pacific today. You can fill out a quote submission here

Set Up Your E-Commerce Shop for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s day approaching, many business owners can expect a temporary boost in sales. However, with the internet market blooming, getting your shop online in time for Valentine’s Day can drastically increase your sales. In 2012, on average, every person spent $130.97 for Valentine’s Day so you can’t go wrong with setting up your E-Commerce shop today.

Creating an online shop, also known as an E-Commerce site, can prove to be very advantageous for your business. Plain and simple, creating an E-Commerce shop provides an additional platform for your customers to shop. With more ways for customers to shop, you will then make more sales because you can reach out to a larger audience. Another factor is that online shopping is much quicker for both the seller and buyer, and in today’s fast paced work environment a quick transaction can be a deal breaker for many potential customers. Not to mention that almost every potential customer will go online to shop. In fact, E-Commerce sales in 2013 accounted for $1.5 trillion.

Now that you know the advantages of an E-Commerce site, there is no better time to set up your online shop. With Valentine’s Day approaching in just over a month, you can take advantage of that fact that more than 25% of people will go online to shop. Meanwhile, according to About.com, 46.9% of tablet users and 40.7% of smartphone users will “research products, prices, and retailer information, redeem coupons and purchase products with their device.” So, if you set up your E-Commerce shop, you can reach out to a much larger customer base and effectively improve your sales.

Contact us if you want help building your shop!

Should You Be Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

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Pay-per-click advertising is a form of advertisement used to direct traffic to websites, and involves the advertiser paying the publisher for every click on the ad. Often times this form of advertisement is used with search engines and involves advertisers bidding on the keywords they want. An example of this can be seen with Google AdWords.

Using pay-per-click advertising provides an assortment of benefits. As opposed to paying for an advertisement in a newspaper and not knowing whether or not your target market is exposed to the ad, using a pay-per-click will allow you to specifically reach your target customer and bring them directly to your website. Additionally, using pay-per-click advertising provides measurable and testable results. When launching an ad you can track how many people click on your ad and what they do once they click it. This provides a whole new level of information as opposed to something like a newspaper ad where you can’t compile any information from it. Another benefit with pay-per-click advertising is the simple fact that it is cost efficient. With these ads you are paying for every click so there isn’t much wasted money and you can accurately track your campaign results and return on investment.

However, what is important with pay per click advertising is making sure you are maximizing your profit. Pay per click advertising can be very profitable if carried out correctly, but in order to be successful one must know what keywords will brings them the best results and to bid on those keywords. When hiring RG Pacific to manage your pay-per-click advertisements, we will analyze and assess your keywords including its impressions, CPC, and conversions and then make recommendations to improve your pay-per-click performance and ultimately provide more traffic to your site.

Apple iOS Development Now Offered by RG Pacific

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How many electronic devices do you have with you right now? You are probably reading this from your computer and chances are you have a smartphone and perhaps a tablet by your side as well. Our lives almost revolve around these new pieces of technology, and if used properly can prove to be a great asset to a business.

In today’s fast paced work environment, customers are constantly on the move and the thing that is always with them is their mobile applications. Whether it be their tablet or their phone, consumers are constantly hooked in to the internet, which creates a large demand for mobile apps. So, RG Pacific is now beginning to develop Apple iOS apps to help businesses reach out to their customers. This allows customers to have all the information of your business or company at their fingertips.

Additionally, having a mobile app provides a plethora of benefits to your business. Some of the most noteworthy advantages include building loyalty with your customers, while also reinforcing the image of your brand. Not to mention increasing exposure across the market while increasing visibility, accessibility, and sell-through. At the same time, your customers can now have easy and quick access to your products or services with the ability of getting notifications for special events or launches. They will also have quick and direct access to your contact information and can easily get directions to where you are from their mobile device.

If you haven’t realized by now, the future of your business relies on your ability to expand to the ever-growing mobile market that exhibits critical dominance over today’s market. Do not risk losing a potential lead because you are not engaging them in a new platform that is encompassing over 55% of all web traffic. Your mobile app will not only allow you to market your business, but also to connect to your customers in an entirely new way.

By choosing RG Pacific you will be able to take advantage of our in-house, local team in Los Angeles that can work with you in order to create a user-friendly mobile app on a variety of mobile platforms, appealing to your target market. We will offer your business full source mobile development from concept to product launch and guarantee your business the attention of our product development team that works with you to develop the ideas and solutions to suit your business.

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