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E-Commerce Sales are Increasing by more than 17% this Holiday Season

E-Commerce Sales are Increasing by more than 17% this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is approaching and with the months of November and December having the most demand in consumer shopping its time to prepare your business. According to eMarketer, digital sales are expected to be 10.7% of the total retail that represents $94.71 billion this year. With the increase in demand of online shopping, businesses are not only expected to stock up their shelves but to have their websites and mobiles sites prepared. That is because US e-commerce sales are growing by 17.2% this holiday season. Mobile retail is another important factor of holiday sales accounting for $115.92 billion of sales this year. By the year 2020 it is expected for mobile retail to be nearly half of all e-commerce sales. This year $67.23 billion represent mobile commerce on smartphones. With research demonstrating the increase in demand of e-commerce and mobile commerce, businesses are expected to have the most innovative technology for their consumers. This includes, websites and mobile applications that make it simpler for consumers to do their shopping. RG Pacific can help your business develop the website you need for this upcoming holiday season. Be a part of the innovative businesses that contributes to the billion-dollar sales of e-commerce.

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