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Facebook Announces New Measurement Tools for Marketers

Facebook Announces New Measurement Tools for Marketers

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Facebook is introducing new methods of ‘people based measurement’ that will help marketers see how effective cross-channel campaigns are, related to online and offline return on investment. On September 21st the social media channel announced that it would be partnering with the companies: Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud, Neustar MarketShare and Visual IQ. This collaboration between Facebook and third parties would allow brands to have more accurate results. For example with Nielsen Catalina, brands will be able to learn how a campaign affected the offline purchases by connecting purchasing data from ads on Facebook and Instagram. The partnerships with Oracle Data Cloud would allow Datalogix to reach Facebook’s Lift API and examine how likely people are to purchase products if they have or have not seen an ad. The programs of Visual IQ and Neustar would allow brands to measure the ad impressions on consumers. The changes that Facebook is creating are allowing social media to become more brand friendly by creating new techniques to reach consumers and measuring these methods. This demonstrates how social media is becoming a greater influence between brands and consumers.


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