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Finding the Best Social Media Channel For Your Industry

Finding the Best Social Media Channel For Your Industry

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Finding the right social media platform for your business is crucial. While certain industries may strive on Instagram others may do poorly. That is because each social media platform has its niche industry in which it serves the strongest to. This can be due to many reasons, maybe the album sharing, creation of events or videos. Certain industries need specific attributes of the social media platform for the industry. One of the reasons why using a specific social media site is important is because of the influencers from your industry that can be found. Influencers are a significant factor because of how they affect the consumer market. More recently, consumers have begun to trust social media influencers because they act as a tastemaker and friend. Influencers have become more trusted than celebrities because they connect personally with their audience and are everyday people like them. In one of AdWeek’s recent articles they shared an infographic that displays where industries ‘shine the brightest.’ Some of the information that can be found is how Instagram is the strongest channel for fashion and travel influencers. While parenting influencers are best found on Twitter and the best channel for the food industry is Facebook. Finding influencers on these social media channels can be a successful tool in reaching your audience. Check out the infographic here to see what social media platforms are best for your industry. Additionally you can allow RG Pacific to manage your social media accounts and help you find the best way to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

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