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SEO Case Study

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the ability for a website to become ranked on search engines, most notably Google’s, first page results naturally. The ability for a website to get ranked on Google’s first page depends on the assistance from accurate competitive keywords, image and video searches, appropriate back-links, and valuable content that allows for the website to become indexed correctly.

This SEO Case Study shows how an effective SEO campaign works by implementing the right tools that will help your website, online store, or company thrive when people search for your product or service.


Our client Karman Healthcare wanted to generate traffic using their most popular advertising keyword, WHEELCHAIRS, naturally using SEO. RG Pacific developed a campaign that had two goals in mind:


  •  Save money by generating traffic for Karman Healthcare top advertising terms with Organic (natural) SEO, and
  •  Structure website content and create new content for top term.


With Hierarchy  restructuring, the Newest White Hat SEO techniques, updating and cleaning up Bad Backlinking, and creating compelling and accurate Content,  RG Pacific achieved Google’s Page one ranking from a former Page 6 ranking for Karman’s top SEO Term within six months – WHEELCHAIRS

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