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SMS Marketing Services

SMS Mobile Marketing (text marketing) is the latest trend that businesses are utilizing, and we are here to offer your company the ability to reach new and past customers using mobile SMS broadcasting. We can immediately help your business reach customers on mobile phones using our new patented technology.

  • Send 10 or 10,000 messages in minutes with a single click. Segment your contacts into unlimited groups.
  • Send mobile coupons, schedule appointment reminders and market new items and services.
  • Have a contact list with all the info? You can send that to us and we can extract phone numbers and their names, and other data, and send out the blasts with no problem.


Mobile equals Local


56% of web searches for local businesses are done on mobile phones. We make sure you get found on the most applicable sites and programs that are optimal for mobile search. We provide metrics to allow you to track ROI, get found on the web via mobile search, create custom mobile apps and websites, and more. Let us know what mobile solutions that you may also need aside from our SMS Services.

How Can Your Business Benefit from SMS Marketing?


Bars & Nightclubs

Are you tired of calling, emailing, and reminding your guestlists about upcoming events? Do you have relying only on facebook and other social media to get people to RSVP? Whether you are sending VIP passes, food & drink specials, comp admission or special prizes, customers can instantly respond to your offers!

Event Marketers

With hundreds (or even thousands) of people that will attend your amazing events, SendChat provides you with a better way to acquire customer data. Give them the opportunity to signup to be notified of your upcoming events and promotions directly to their cell phones. With our team, the on-site promotion opportunities are endless.


SMS Marketing with SendChat allows you to build customer loyalty, offer specials or promotions to current customers and drive foot traffic on slow nights as you see fit. Valentines Day? Offer a special couples dinner for two. Want to reward long time customers? Allow them to text in to receive special discounts.


The best relationship strategy in retail is one centered on giving back to your customers. Sending coupons, sneak preview sales, and exclusive offers directly to their cell phones is an inexpensive, personal, and trackable way to drive purchases instantly!

Real Estate

In today’s Real Estate market, people want immediate gratification and a great deal. Give house hunters instant access to your property listings using speical keywords for your select homes or areas, and easily communicate with them to setup an appointment or request more information.

These are just a few markets that can benefit form SMS Marketing. So can yours!

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