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Social Media Case Study

RG Pacific always strives to create the best  Social Media Campaigns by utilizing the best practices in each industry, with thorough analysis, that have generated results for companies in various sectors.

Incorporating an effective Social Media plan is important because it will help increase your Social Media following, online brand, generate leads for your business, monitor traffic to your website pages, and track sales for your business.

Case Study – 1Sol Swimwear

Here we will evaluate the Social Media Campaign that was executed for 1Sol Swimwear. 1Sol Swimwear was a startup high end beachwear company that wanted to brand it’s  classiness, uniqueness and sophistication to the swimwear industry, as well as quickly boost sales.


1Sol Swimwear wanted to build their social media audience quickly with two goals in mind:

  • To Generate Sales, and
  • Build Social Media for Facebook and Twitter. The campaign turned out being extremely successful after an effective plan was created and set in motion.


RG Pacific offered a solution that created a swimwear model contest that was very successful. After only 3 months, the contest generated a hike in sales of over 45% in a 3 month period as compared to before and grew their Social Media followers by 3K, which all led to sales.

RG Pacific understands that Social Media works for a company only if it is significant in producing effective campaigns that will work in reaching out to numerous individuals online and by driving sales. Let us help.

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