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Should You Be Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

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Pay-per-click advertising is a form of advertisement used to direct traffic to websites, and involves the advertiser paying the publisher for every click on the ad. Often times this form of advertisement is used with search engines and involves advertisers bidding on the keywords they want. An example of this can be seen with Google AdWords.

Using pay-per-click advertising provides an assortment of benefits. As opposed to paying for an advertisement in a newspaper and not knowing whether or not your target market is exposed to the ad, using a pay-per-click will allow you to specifically reach your target customer and bring them directly to your website. Additionally, using pay-per-click advertising provides measurable and testable results. When launching an ad you can track how many people click on your ad and what they do once they click it. This provides a whole new level of information as opposed to something like a newspaper ad where you can’t compile any information from it. Another benefit with pay-per-click advertising is the simple fact that it is cost efficient. With these ads you are paying for every click so there isn’t much wasted money and you can accurately track your campaign results and return on investment.

However, what is important with pay per click advertising is making sure you are maximizing your profit. Pay per click advertising can be very profitable if carried out correctly, but in order to be successful one must know what keywords will brings them the best results and to bid on those keywords. When hiring RG Pacific to manage your pay-per-click advertisements, we will analyze and assess your keywords including its impressions, CPC, and conversions and then make recommendations to improve your pay-per-click performance and ultimately provide more traffic to your site.

Does a Landing Page Help SEO and PPC?

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the two most important tools for any online marketing strategy. They both help with short term and long term strategies. The goal is to maximize exposure while at the same time investing only the necessary amount of money to help raise ROI.

PPC is a vital tool for search engine marketing. Some terms can be costly, so it is imperative that you pay the lowest possible cost-per-click price possible. Google Adwords allows you to maximize cost by having the bets possible quality score, which is a metric that Google uses by evaluating the keyword with your website. Naturally, an important component of the analysis is the website Landing Page.

If you simply link all of your 20 or more keyword terms to your homepage, you will more than likely have a low quality score. Furthermore, why would you link a keyword, for example “womens suits”, to your homepage, where its  goal is to allow a person to select where they want to go on your website? Naturally if someone is looking for an item via a keyword, they want to find what they are looking for right away. The more clicks someone has to make in order to get to an action on your website, the bigger the chances that they won’t.

A Landing Page is therefore an important part of your PPC strategy. A Landing Page is an unique website page that is specific to a keyword, product, or purpose.  Most of the time they are not found via normal website search, but only through a marketing channel.  So, for PPC, if your keyword is “womens suits”, your Landing Page will deal specifically with this term, either with content, products, action items, or all.

As for SEO, Landing Pages fit a similar purpose.  Every SEO Strategy consists of dozens or terms, but not all of them yield high priority. Therefore a Landing Page can help you create unique content for keywords that are not ranking high on your website for SEO density.  Again, these pages are not viewable via normal website search. They are built uniquely so that your site can appear in search results for specific terms that the page is named after, has a title tag for, and is content rich with.

Landing Pages are key to any advanced PPC and SEO strategy. it can help your bottom line, improve spending, and make your site highly optimized for short and long term online marketing strategies.


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