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Video Marketing and Creation

Does your businesses need video marketing? Of course you do, because everyone who is gaining business and leads via the web understands that video campaigns are the new way to go. If you’re interested in tapping into a huge demographic of almost 144 million people on the internet who use video to find professionals, businesses, and experts, then you need to get viral with your video marketing campaign today.  According to NielsenWire.com, about 72% of all internet users watch videos online.

What’s even more important for you is the fact that online video is still somewhat of a novelty compared with TV, so this means that you will have a comparative advantage on the internet over your competitors, as it is safe to assume they do not see the potential in video marketing for their own business too.

This has an important impact for small business marketing, especially since the cost of producing video for the internet is so inexpensive and affordable compared with producing video for TV.

RG Pacific can both CREATE your online video marketing ad and submit it across multiple video channels via the internet, like Youtube and Vimeo. This will not only give you a boost of traffic to your site, but also IMPROVE YOUR SEO. How? Well, a year or two ago, Google, seeing the importance of video to people who search online, has given videos FIRST PAGE prominence on search results for relevant terms. This new method is another indication of the importance of video marketing, which means more traffic to your website.

Come find out why over 80% of our clients are local, and are happy with our work.

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