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Your Company Videos should be produced to adapt across all social platforms

If your business if using social media to spread information or bring in new business, are you using it to its full potential? Did you know social media videos get 1200% more shares than pictures and text? That means a much higher reach across news feeds. 

While it may be tempting to get your videos going immediately by using stock footage or filming one with your iPhone, it is also going to be important to be different than your competitors on social media. That means investing in high quality, original video that will really stop people from scrolling past you and make them see that you mean business… literally!

Talk with us today to see what ideas we have to beef up social media game. We would love to get you on the grid with an amazing video of your company brand.

Video made for Visit Arroyo Grande
Video Made for MLK Foundation
Video made for Beyond Seating Corporation
Video made for 360 Orthodontics with Influencer RaqC

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