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Web and Marketing Case Study

About the Project

Pulmonary Fibrosis Now is a nonprofit dedicated to using research, interactive learning and self-monitoring to educate the public about all treatments, including natural, supplemental, and alternative therapies, for treating chronic Pulmonary Fibrosis.


PF Now needed a much more user-friendly, visually appealing website where people could find what they need. We worked on making PF Now’s website the main resource for people with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis to seek information on the disease. Our goal was to gain more visitors to the site and keep them interested and motivated to want to explore through the website’s pages.

After redesigning the website, we wanted to create a place where visitors can continue to engage with PF Now. Our objective was to increase online presence and create social media outlets where visitors could interact with each other and have their questions answered.

Steps Taken


The new PF Now website includes a new landing page, new menu names, and SEO tools. Through analytics, we were able to observe that our main demographic visiting the website was an older group and had difficulty navigating through the website. Our data analysis helped us strategically design the website as 70% mobile friendly and make it resemble an app when using their phones or tablets to make it user-friendly and easier to navigate. In addition, through competitive analysis, we implemented a blog section that is updated once a month to improve website ranking. To monitor the analytics of the website and make strategic improvements, we created a console for Google Analytics and Google search and submitted a site map.


To increase PF Now’s online presence we:

  • Created a Facebook page, Youtube channel and Facebook group to build an online community and increase interactions
  • Created a content marketing schedule that includes: Videography, email campaigns, e-books, etc
  • Created Google and social media Ads
  • Optimized keywords through behavioral and engagment analysis



✔ Link to Pulmonary Fibrosis appear’s on the information box

✔Decreased bounce rate

✔ Increased returning visitors from 12% to 87%

✔ Improved navigation and time spent on the website


✔ Decreased Google Ads Pay Per Click from $1.00 to $0.08

✔ Grew FB Group’s online community to 1,500+ U.S members

✔ Gained 1,700 followers on Facebook

We are now Shopify Plus Partners!