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White Hat Back Linking

If you are looking for SEO help in building your site ranking, back link building is the way to go. The more websites that link to your website, the more “popular” your site becomes, gaining more relevance amongst Google. For this kind of practice, Google reaffirms the legitimacy of the websites that link to you, and for those who try to trick Google into thinking that a lot of back links exist, they can become severely penalized. Thus, you will definitely want to make sure to use White Hat SEO practices. All SEO companies will claim that they use While Hat SEO, but whether or not they do it is a different story.

So what is White Hat SEO Backlinking? White Hat SEO backlinking are the approved, natural ways of building traffic to your website that are well documented in The Google Webmaster Guidelines. Backlink generation is a process that takes strategy and thought, where some truly interesting and highly relevant content is created and then it is posted online. If the content is good, people will naturally share it with others, and thus the link is propagated across the web. Black Hat SEO Backlinking, also known as Link farming, on the other hand, is the unethical practice of creating a group of sites, and then hyperlinking them all to one another, with no regard for relevancy.

If done right. Backlink generation can be a very strong and productive way to increase the popularity of your site on the web, while black hat link farming will definitely risk your your business and online presence through search engine penalties and the poor results of receiving non-relevant traffic to your site, thereby increasing your bounce rate..

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