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Why Submit Your Website?

When you build a website, get a hosting plan, and place it online, what do you do then?
You submit your site! There are various ways to submit your site, and various rules to follow in making sure you are indexed well.

First rule is to have your site indexed in all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN(Microsoft Network). These 3 companies are the biggest search directories on the internet, making up for over 85% of internet traffic.

Second, you need to submit your site to 2nd tier web directories. Some of the most popular are DMOZ.com and Altavista.com. There are programs out there, such as Web CEO, that offer free programs that submit your site to varous search engines around the world, usually over 200 of them. This is a great way to give your site visibility in a variety of audiences.

Remember, submitting your site is only the first step. Large companies and small companies who seek to build an audience over the internet must recognize that there is more to it than simply submitting a website. There are virtually millions of websites that are indexed everywhere, so competetition is fierce. Methods to increase exposure, such as SEO and Pay Per Click are viable paid and nonpaid methods to guarantee traffic to your website.

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